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Husband, Father, and Son

I love my wife and daughters more than anything and I think of them as the reason I'm here


Software Developer

I love programming. Since typing in code from magazines back in the ’80s, to developing dynamic sites today, I've always enjoyed it


Pottery & Poetry

Art serves an important part of my life, allowing me to lose myself in pure creativity

My family

I come from a family of 6, with three older brothers.

Today, I have a loving wife and two brilliant daughters, Annika and Evalynn. We like to hang out, occasionally interact when we're not all staring at our devices, see some shows, go on road trips and go camping.

The wonderful women in my life
My Vocation

Why I love programming

Two things I love about programming are the satisfaction I get from coming up with a cool and elegant solution to a problem, and quickly getting out a new feature or fix that makes someone else's day.


I'm a senior front-end and middle-tier developer with over 10 years experience in ground-up development and product improvement; I've lead with a broad range of skills. I've primarily been a Windows/.NET developer for most of my career. But my favorite type of work is web development of almost any type.


I have extensive experience with the following.

  • .NET Framework (1.1 - 4.6) & .Net Core
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • C#
    • Web API
    • WebForms
    • ASMX Web Services
  • Consuming and developing RESTful, XML, JSON, WCF, SOAP Web Services
  • Winforms and XAML
  • MVC, MVVM & other design patterns
  • JavaScript / ECMAScript
  • XML / XSLT / XPath
  • SQL (T-SQL), SQL Server
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Artistic Endeavors

No poetry here, but I'll show you some of my pottery.